An Opportunity to Sing in Three Workshops

Apart from leading regular choirs, delivering singing workshops is a lot of joy for me. Getting together with a group of people who many times don’t know each other, doing activities and learning songs together, encouraging each other and coming out together from the session or a set of session is something beyond what I could have ever imagined as a singing student.

There is an opportunity to do this soon at the West End Centre, leading Arts Centre in Aldershot, North Hampshire.

Do you enjoy singing but think you might ot be fit to sing in a choir? Or you know you want to sing with others, but the evening choir’s timetable doesn’t suit you? Or perhaps you are not that much into singing but know it could benefit your breathing? Do you want to meet others in a friendly atmosphere as you do something you enjoy?

Give this a go! We are going to do one every month, from February to April, 10.30 to 12.30 – you can join all three or whatever is convenient to you You don’t need to have any singing experience at all, we’ll skip the technical wording and learn songs mostly by ear. Warm-ups for both body and voice will ensure vocal health, confidence, and a lot of fun.

Check more information here.