A Singing4Health workshop is a singing activity that focuses in wellbeing

WORKSHOPS are designed for helping people develop techniques that are good for them physically (such as better breathing, posture, use of vocal folds, etc) and mentally (such as socialization, boosting confidence and reducing anxiety and stress relief).

Sessions are iniciated by warming ups and breathing activities, and close with a cool down to help the vocal muscles to return to their normal speaking condition.

Warm up at a corporate workshop

USING YOUR OWN BODY to make music gives us an immense opportunity to know ourselves better and get in touch with our physical sensations and our emotions, and coming together to sing as a choir helps each individual to develop their listening and communication skills, their creativity, as well as a feeling of being a crucial part of a greater organic whole.

IMPROVISATION AND COLLABORATIVE MUSIC MAKING are key part of this processes (you can check  examples of this in the blog).

Sustained by the socialisation and engagement that the workshop provides, participants are likely to maintain a good level of attendance and regular practice.

Techniques like Soundpainting, Primal Singing Integrative and those extracted from training in Connect (Conecting Musical Futures) and the world of free Improvisation, are used.