by Mº José Estivariz da Silva

Maria José Estivariz da Silva is an internationally acclaimed bass player with a style that has generated over two decades of achievements with some of the most unique and celebrated performances across multiple genres. The success of the shows are well documented in

1.8 million years ago, the homo Ergaster started to walk in two legs as us, and that posture gave our ancestors the possibility of a bigger brain and a lower position of the larynx, that favoured musical and linguistically ability. Singing is as old as communication, as old as the

Pedagogy of the singing group, Thoughts

Nacho Diaz is a sociologist and PhD student at the Centre for Narrative Research, CNR, University of East London under the direction of Maria Tamboukou. His professional life has taken place in different psychiatric hospitals and prisons, in the field of reinsertion. He has also worked with different NGOs. So

Interview, Mental Health
February 25, 2015


Maria Soriano Comments are off
Actually, the tittle says it all so I won’t need to extend myself too much this time. What I want to mean is that we all, as musicians, as choir leaders or directors, want to do our best, to know more, to get better ideas, to produce more

Christmas Truce: A Concert for Peace

Singing4Health CIC is organizing a fundraising Christmas concert in aid of the Bloomsbury Patient Network. All proceeds from the event will be used to fund the provision of music activities of The Bloomsbury Choir. With specialist in the music of this era,