Are you aware of how good is singing for making people get together and bond socially?

Not only those who have experienced it know, but also researchers from Oxford University have come to that conclusion with very clear data: singing groups bond faster than creative writing or craft classes.

You can download and read the article here.

In summary, this is one of many studies that come to demonstrate how singing together we can not only bond, but improve our self esteem, boost our mood and have better relations between the singers in the group.

Singing is a great ice-breaker, and in my experience of leading choirs at work places, a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better in a different context to what you normally do. Also, changing the hierarchy into all members of the choir being at the same level of involvement and leaving the leading responsibility to the director, is something that I have observed has been relief for those who normally would have to lead, and a way to get closer and understand each other better as a team for everyone.

A staff choir can relieve a lot of stress and be a great tool to promote well being and build community within a profession, or in any other specific collective.

Supporting teams

In 2007 a group of air traffic controllers at Madrid-Barajas Airport decided they wanted to create a choir in the Air Control Tower. It would help to release stress, as well as giving a cultural activity inside the workplace during free time. They looked for a choir director, and as a consequence, I visited the air traffic control tower every week for the next five years!

We worked with theatre, movement, breathing exercises, and song writing was encouraged. They became a strong group able to perform their own covers of songs they liked, with new lyrics that would speak about themselves and work.

The styles and songs are being chosen according to the musical taste of the group, and every session contains breathing exercises, playful activities, physical activities and relaxation activities.

Adapted to your needs

A very fulfilling experience, able to promote better relationships between colleagues and a better understanding between employees and management staff.

You can also contact me and arrange a one off singing experience for your group.