A Singing4Health workshop is a singing activity that focuses on well-being. The workshops are not primarily designed as preparation for performance in front of an audience (although this is possible), but for helping people develop techniques that are useful and healthful for them physically (such as better breathing, posture, use of vocal folds, etc) and mentally (such as socialization, boosting confidence and reducing anxiety and stress relief).

Sustained by the socialization and engagement that the workshop provides, participants are likely to maintain a good level of attendance and regular practice.

Using our own body to make music gives us an immense opportunity to know ourselves better and get in touch with our physical sensations and our emotions, and coming together to sing as a choir helps each individual to develop their listening and communication skills, their creativity, as well as a feeling of being a crucial part of a greater organic whole.

Improvisation and collaborative music making are key part of this processes (you can check an example of this in the blog).


In 2007 a group of air traffic controllers at Madrid-Barajas Airport decided they wanted to create a choir in the Air Control Tower. It would help to release stress, as well as giving a cultural activity inside the workplace during free time. They looked for a choir director, and it happened that it was Maria visiting the tower every week for the next five years.

 We worked with theater, movement breathing exercises, and song writing was encouraged. At the end of the term they became a strong group able to perform their own covers of songs they liked, with new lyrics that would speak about themselves and work.

It was a very fulfilling experience for everyone and besides all the enjoyment, the activity was able to promote better relationships between colleagues and a better understanding between employees and management staff.

Singing4Health offers corporate packages suitable for workplaces for singers with all kind of abilities.


Singing is an excellent tool for working with groups of people that are very diverse and develop their integration and interaction in the ensemble. Prove of it are the many activities that exist regarding music therapy with different aims. In this activity we will encourage and promote the fact that everybody is having a real good time in the activity, the enjoyment of making music together and the feeling of individual and collective achievement, normalizing the fact that we work with people with different capacities that decide to join in one activity.

Singing has a positive effect on health and well being through enabling participants to improve posture, breathing, self expression , confidence and a sense of community. Adults with LD have limited opportunities to be independent, be involved actively in cultural activities and often experience discrimination.

Singing4health  provides a collaborative activity for people with learning difficulties.The choir will use very special methods of instant creation and emotional improvisation that allow each person to participate according to their needs and capacities. Workshops contain world music, primal singing and body percussion. All adapted to multi level groups and different capacities.


If Mindfulness is is about observation without criticism and focusing in the observation of emotions and physical sensations, Mindful  Singing is about how observing and feeling how your voice feels in your body and mind.

These workshops are oriented to the general public who would like to get an approach to voice production and singing that is close to meditation and self exploration.

Sessions will contain breathing exercises, sound meditation, chanting, massage with your voice vibration, and Primal Singing Integrative TM… leaving behind competitiveness and performance-related stress,  so that you can relax, let your voice go and enjoy the process.