Making Protective Face Masks

I am now posting the way my mother is making Face Masks for Hospitals in an effective and hygienic way, approved by a doctor (my dad is a retired microbiologist and specialist in infectious diseases). Thanks to her for making them during their confinement in Madrid and giving us the instructions and photos and Dr Soriano who has supervised this method. Of course, it has to be followed step by step to be effective, sterilisation properly done and if any doctors would use it, know the process was done apropriately.


  • Cotton Fabric (like the ones used for bed sheets making sure it’s not very porous so that it has more barrier against the virus, but that is possible to breath when using. Dimensions: 17x 34 cm (6.69 x 13.38 inches)
  • Thin wire 10.5cm long (4.13 inch)
  • Two pieces of elastic of 19cm each (7.48 inch)
  • Cello tape
Using an iron, fold the shorter sides of the fabric about 2cm each side.
Fold the rectangle in half so that there is another rectangle of 17x15cm (6.69×5.90 inch)
Open the rectangle and with the help of cello tape, place the wire and the eastics in the way you see in the picture, so that they don’t slide when sewing them.
Close the fabric as in picture 3 and machine sew with zig zag around it.
Mark with a pencil as you can see here with the measures in the pictures, to arrange where the three folds will go.
Help yourself with the iron to shape the three folds.
Stich it with the machine to secure the folds.
Now stich it as in the picture to better secure the wire.
The result will be a mask of 17cm x9 cm

To sterilise the mask:

Boil it in water for five minutes.
If the mask if for someone else, it has to be taken with sterilised tweesers.
Collect it using latex gloves and put it in a freezer bag.
If the mask if for yourself, you can sterilise it boiling it in water.